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While we stay home, protecting ourselves from what could be; we want to remind you to use this time for yourself. We have been given the opportunity to do all the things our hectic schedule doesn’t allow us to pursue. Make the most of it and stay positive!

Put on that face pack and enjoy your favourite playlist!
Cook a meal! It is oh! so satisfying!
Bake some cookies or whatever your heart desires!
Pull out that Yoga mat!
Get competitive in a game of Monopoly… or Pictionary etc etc
……the list goes on.

Above all though, (we all agree!) is definitely online shopping! Retail therapy is not a cliché; it’s legit! And we want to make sure you don’t think twice before considering After Dark. After all, pyjamas are our best friends, now & forever!


Here’s what we are doing:

1. Face masks have been distributed to all elderly staff: above age 60

2. A bell reminds the entire team (Production + Online Operations) every 1 hour to wash their hands with antiseptic soap water

3. Hand sanitizers have been placed across our studio & workshop in New Delhi

4. We are encouraging work from home and have halved our presence in the workshop – bringing our number to a mere 4 in office at a time

5. Embroidery craftsmen and stitching tailors are being encouraged to work from home

6. The dispatch team is sanitizing all packages (with liquid sanitizers) before handing over to the logistics partner

Stay home, stay safe, stay cosy and wear pretty pyjamas!
Advice from WHO on COVID-19: Read Now
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