We all remember the fun slumber parties that defined our childhood and teens. Filled with laughter, giggles, snacks, and movie marathons, these parties could easily count among highlights of our lives.

While we have grown up, the love for slumber parties and its comforting, nostalgic vibes keeps us going! Adult slumber parties are similar to ones we had when we were kids; talks, while still covering everything under the sky, get more personal, with the conversations now covering job concerns, relationship problems!, family news; movie nights are now making space for time with Netflix and late night food-deliveries; games like Jenga, Cards Against Humanity now dominate the game time during sleep-over time. The fun and the happiness remains more alive than ever!

No matter how old we get, a slumber party with our girls can be the ultimate therapy!

The one thing that may stand out as different is the pajama set you’ll be donning at your slumber party. With age, you develop your own sense of style, a style that then spills over to your sleepwear wardrobe.  Fortunately for you, we at After Dark have the perfect blend of style and comfort in sleep wear, every design lovingly put together such that you have the most blissful time in our apparel. Our collection makes it fun to buy women’s nightwear online.

Read on to know which ones you should stock up on for your next slumber party:

1.The Classic Stripes 


A pajama design that has stood the test of time is the classic striped pattern. Broad strips or thin ones, the vintage pattern is a big hit among full length pajama suits. If you’re hosting a slumber party, consider Gai pyjama suit (left) or Sky, Embroidered Pyjama Suit (right). Pure cotton, intricately woven, these suits are all about homely comfort –a feeling you get only with your closest gal pals.

2. The Pretty Dress




A nightdress is ideal for the sweet lady in love with soft flow-y dresses. If that’s your style, think of Jenny (left) or maybe Sophia (right)?! Elegant, soft on your frame, and comfort extraordinaire, the dress piece captures all that is lovely about the bloom of the summer.


3. The-All-in-One

There are some of us who always have the ‘A game’ on when it comes to fashion. The style icon in you deserves something just as special! This chic ensemble is called Valerie . Consisting of a sleek camisole, kimono style cover wrap, and comfy floppy pyjamas, this divine night suit design is meant for a true blue fashionista. This design and components of the night suit make it extremely versatile; if you’re looking for no-fuss yet super chic nightwear or specifically bridal nightwear online, you can’t go wrong if you choose Valerie!


4. The cutesy one

The cutesy one

Every adult would love to own that one night suit that connects them to their childhood, and yet looks mature enough to look suitable enough for an adult. This sweet little design by the name Cathy is all adorned with elegant embroidery – do know it’s a limited edition style! The rich cotton cambric fabric comes to life in shades of sea green and lilac, screaming ‘summer heaven’ with every stitch! Slip into these to stand out at your slumber party!



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