Pajama Personality Quiz To Find Your Perfect Sleepwear

Every woman has individual traits that define her tastes and personality. While there are a lot of considerations pointing towards the same, simple things such as pajamas too are a reflection of what a woman prefers and chooses to showcase. Some women are blessed with a strong sense of intuition and are very clear about what they want in life, for others finding a perfect pajama that brings out the best of their personality can be quite a task. But worry not! We are here to help you choose your perfect pick with a simple 7 question quiz. Find your perfect pajamas now by answering these simple questions-

What would you have preferred, had you been stranded all alone on an island ?

  1. A Good novel
  2. Memorable pictures of your close friends and family
  3. A partner
  4. Some good food and music

What do you like doing the most before you drop to bed during night?

  1. Plan the things to be done the next day
  2. Have some good time with your partner
  3. Visualize the special memories in your mind
  4. Follow some good skin care routine

How do you prefer to have your ice-cream?

  1. Start eating right away, beginning with the chunk at the top
  2. Enjoy and relish every lick and bite
  3. Eat around the edges first
  4. Be health conscious and quit the idea of eating an ice cream

What amongst the following is your favorite category of movies?

  1. Thrillers
  2. Love and romance stories
  3. Comedy movies
  4. Do not find time to go for movies

What do you enjoy the most while wearing a pajama?

  1. Reading some good novel
  2. Pampering your kids and husband
  3. Listening to music while doing things you love
  4. Indulging in a good cleaning session

What is the first thing that you do in the morning?

  1. Watch some T.V. particularly news
  2. Enjoy your favorite coffee for as long as possible
  3. Get your kids ready for school
  4. Organize your laundry

You feel the happiest when

  1. You have completed each and every task that you had decided to do
  2. You are able to delay things for the day after
  3. Your friends and family are all healthy and happy
  4. Everything is done and your house is all clean

Now find out the maximum number of times you have chosen a particular serial number as your answer and have a look at the following result to find out the best pajama suiting your personality. If you have chosen-

Mostly 1- You are a perfect fit for pajamas that reflect your organized and practical personality. Although you like things to be done in an efficient and timely manner, you deserve pajamas that are luxurious as well as comfortable at the same time. Go for luxurious robes such as or all silk pajama sets such as

Mostly 2 –You like going over the top, no matter what the occasion is. You are dreamy in nature and give extreme importance to your family and things close to you. Nightdress in comfortable fabrics such as and funky nightdresses such as would best suit your personality.

Mostly 3- You are someone whose mood constantly changes depending upon the occasion. Hence, you would never be satisfied with just one pajama set. You ought to have in your wardrobe –

  1. A classic nightgown such as that suffices your need to look elegant.
  2. A luxurious robe such as that makes you feel pampered.
  3. Flattering shorts and camisoles such as  for nights you want to feel special.

Mostly 4- You like spending some “me time’ without any disturbance. You want to feel rejuvenated which makes you feel better. You consider yourself special and hence require pajamas that reflect your “I don’t care” personality. Try roomy pajamas such as or oversized shirts such as that lets you be at your comfortable best.

AfterDark’s premium range of sleepwear is crafted with perfection and utmost care to ensure panache and comfort. No matter what your personality type is, you would find your timelessly perfect pick without any hassle at AfterDark where time literally stops!



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