Do you spend your mornings staring at a sea of clothing overflowing from your closet and still feel like you’ve got nothing to wear? Perhaps my friend, you made a fast choice.

Big stores with bright lights, tonnes of colour on the shelves in crazy cuts and shapes is exciting to us all! Soon enough, these exciting purchases fade, go out of shape and simply turn into pieces you’d never want to wear. This is a classic example of ‘fast fashion’ and what we are calling a ‘fast choice’.

Fast fashion brands manufacture excessive clothing in trend-focused styles that evolve rapidly to cater to the never-ending consumption cycle. These brands are harming the earth more than we are ready to accept and it’s time retail therapy became responsible. Yes, you do have a choice.

Most fashion brands employ factories where people of all ages work on shockingly low wages. These people work in difficult and stressed conditions to ensure each garment is manufactured and shelved in the shortest time and lowest cost possible. Not only is this unfair trade, we also tend to overlook the enormous hidden price that the environment (on our behalf) pays in so many ways.

Thankfully, many fashion brands big and small, have come to realise that such practices are only a race to the bottom. Enter, Slow Fashion Movement - a movement that calls for accountability through all steps that contribute to the fashion industry. With slow fashion, it’s all about creating garments of high quality that are sewn with care in flattering classic styles and not necessarily the passing fad.

When you shop with us, know that all our women’s nightwear was made ethically and sustainably. At After Dark, you can be absolutely sure that your unique purchase was made with utmost respect for people and the planet.

We release new collections annually at the start of the vibrant and cheery spring/summer season and gradually add pieces to it as they year goes by. All pieces are available throughout the year, which means you have plenty to choose from our evergreen collection at all times!

We aim to be a conscious sleepwear label with a strong design philosophy and an innate sense of comfort. We truly believe that slow fashion is not a seasonal trend, but is a movement that is steadily gaining momentum for all the right reasons. Buy women’s nightwear online with us to be part of the slow fashion movement!



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